Showcasing masterpieces from contemporary Muslim artists celebrating this ancient artform.


Guided by the Qur’an and Islamic tradition, Siddiqa Juma creates art that celebrates a rich religious and cultural heritage.

Siddiqa has throughout her life been seeking some form of expression for her faith. Starting her career in graphic design, she has gone on to write, illustrate and produce Islamic children’s books and produce a slate of animated series that teach a particularly Muslim morality. It is in painting however where Siddiqa has found the conduit for her devotion.

It is not just the content and subject matter of Siddiqa’s work that reveals her beliefs: the processes by which her work is created have as much to tell. Siddiqa’s pieces are characterised by successive layers of vivid colour and intricate repetitive patterns and calligraphy, which draw to mind the ancient illuminated Qur’ans now proudly housed in museums around the world. The vibrancy of her palette is an aesthetic choice that betrays Siddiqa’s unending eagerness to engage with the faith with which she grew up. Siddiqa describes the process of painstakingly covering a canvas with God’s name as her personal tasbih, or incantation. Creating these pieces is an act of devotion in itself, a stand-in for meditation, in which each occurrence of a word is like a small offering to God.


Barikee, based in London, brings the best of Islamic and South Asian art and handicraft to a global audience, aiming to provide a distinctively South Asian option for art lovers, ranging from the affordable to the high end. Barikee has something for everyone, from Islamic calligraphy to cityscapes, to figurative paintings. Celebrate South Asia's rich artistic heritage whilst adding style and character to your home.


Nadia is a London-based designer whose work is based on Islamic art and its culture. She is a Muslim of Pakistani descent, who employs her artistic skills to represent the hidden beauty and nature of her religion and culture to a multi-cultural audience. Her hope is that through her work she can convey the true image of Islam that counters the negative associations generated by social and political upheavals


Rooful's journey into photography began by capturing friends' weddings, inspired by photojournalistic style of photography, he has developed his skills and creative eye to capture a cross section of cultural weddings, presenting collections for couple and families to relive the day for generations to come, like he's able to relive 'that 70's photo' from his family album!

In addition to weddings; events and fashion assignments are also ajoy to capture. Whether it's a charity, community or corporate event, or a fashion show or portfolio assignment for a designer, make up artist or stylist. His experience includes London and Pakistan Fashion Weeks.

His extensive community events has led to a number of exhibitions, reflecting the spirit of diverse Britain today. His creative, contemporary wedding photography led to being shortlist in the Top 10 of the 'My Place on the Isle' Awards held at Saatchi Gallery, judging panel including representatives from The Telegraph and Sotherbys.

Over the past year he has had work featured on BBC, RT, Guardian, Metro, Independent, Asian Bride magazine, and a number of blogs. Humbled by the extensive exposure and breadth of work in such a short space of time, he's continuously looking for new work to further the creative journey. Her work is an ongoing engagement with decorative and symbolic forms as she explores and develops her own relationship with Islam and help her extend her knowledge of its rich culture.

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