For a quarter of a century, we’ve been delivering aid and development programs that transform lives in the world’s poorest nations. We’ve helped others to smile when there’s little to smile about. That’s what makes us human. And it really is something to celebrate.

Get involved

No birthday gift could be greater than you joining us in our mission to make the world a better place. So please find out all about us – our history, our milestones, our projects, our events and our appeals – everything.

Of course, we share loads of news, photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, so there’s plenty of ways to connect. And if you fancy a good old fashioned chinwag, feel free to pick up the phone.

Spread the word

Talk, text, tweet and tag – tell your friends about our charity and everything that makes us Human (Appeal)! With your help, we can help save more lives and protect the dignity of those in need.

Be the difference. Become a volunteer

Volunteers are a big part of our family and definitely what makes us Human (Appeal)! What’s more, our volunteers find friendships and have fun getting involved in every aspect of our work – from helping us to put on fantastic events across the UK to PR and marketing.

If you think you can rise to the challenge, find out more here.

We want to say a big thank you to all our supporters who have been with us for the whole 25 years, as well as those who have joined us along the way!

YOU are what make us Human Appeal!