Work. Pray. Slay. Can Muslim women have it all?

Join Muslim Women Connect as they take a new look at an age-old question, can Muslim women have it all?

We actively encourage discussion and the exchanging of ideas at the London Muslim Lifestyle Show, and hope to hear as many new voices as possible stepping forward to be heard. As part of the seminars taking place across the two days, the Muslim Women Connect initiative will be holding Work. Pray. Slay on Saturday 15th at 4.30pm.

The topic being discussed is how Muslim women balance the responsibilities of faith, family and work, and the issues raised in doing so. The demands placed upon Muslim women are significantly different from other cultures, given their commitment to faith, family and career development. We would love to hear about your experiences; any difficulties you may have faced and if or how you have overcome them.

Aamira Patel (left) and Noreen Niazi, founders of Muslim Women Connect. Image credit: Raj Gedhu

Aamira Patel (left) and Noreen Niazi, founders of Muslim Women Connect.
Image credit: Raj Gedhu

The hour-long forum will be structured between an initial panel discussion and a Q&A session, which will open up the floor to the attendees. The panel will consist of professional Muslim women, each of whom have their own inspiring journeys to discuss. Their motivational success stories will reveal how they resolved the obstacles placed in their path, finding solutions that have allowed them to succeed in the work place.

Shazia Saleem will be in attendance, founder of Ieat Foods, an established halal ready meal producer that has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.  Also there will be Sheeza Shah, CEO of Upeffect, a crowdfunding and support platform aiding mission-driven start-up companies to gain a foothold in their respective industries. And finally, Muna Suleiman will complete the panel, a campaign officer from Friends of The Earth, one of the world’s largest environmental charities.

The Muslim Women Connect initiative was formed in January 2017, aiming to inspire and mentor the next generation of working Muslim women. Events are held throughout the year, with each one dedicated to influencing new channels of progression. 

Please note that this will be one of the seminars at the Muslim Lifestyle Show - so you will need to purchase a ticket to show to attend.

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