What do you love most about living a Muslim life?


On the day hundreds gather on Westminster Bridge in a show of solidarity and with #TrueIslam trending on social media, today is a day of dispelling myths and misunderstandings, and sharing the love

We asked London Muslim Lifestyle Show followers "What do you love most about living a Muslim lifestyle?" Here are some of the hundreds of beautiful things they told us.

It’s a life of contentment and happiness and peace
— Nabila
I love how we are able to gain so many blessings doing simple deeds. My personal favourite is greeting someone with a smile.
— Suhema
Being accountable
— Shehnaaz
Actually practising the Islamic concepts of love & respect, which has never been so relevant & Necessary as it is right now.
— Samina
The richness in it’s value for human life, family life and social values.
— Kashifa
I love the fact that praying salah (whenever I can!) makes me stop, think, and take stock of my life in a world that is running way ahead of me most of the time.
— Aina
Being at harmony and peace with myself and everyone around me.
— Mukhtar
I love the decency and cleanliness and etiquettes about living a Muslim lifestyle and most of all the kindness and generosity and forgiveness needed to live a good Muslim life.
— Shazia
When I walk out of the door with my hijab on l take a big responsibility on my shoulders to represent Islam in a positive way
— Sarah
Peace, love, integration, respect of humans, animals and plants. Modest clothing, modest living, women’s rights, all the beautiful Islamic cultural countries with beautiful architectural wonders, geometry, art, music, fashion and food. Last but not least following the hadith of our beautiful Prophet SAW.
— Safina
The love of our Prophet peace be upon him is most beautiful thing ever happend to me....
— Saaadia
Being at peace with the knowledge that that everything that happens to me is for the best, even if it doesn’t seem to be.
— Sheila
Being a revert for 17 years i love being a good example to my none muslim family, i have also completed a university course in Islam and a PGCE and now teach RE. Its fantastic being able to dispell myths, stereotypes and misconceptions with my students.
— Catherine
It gives me a chance to experiment with a lot of different things!
— Rabiha
Paying zakat to less fortunate
— AIsha
I love the freedom it gives me to experiment with my look- from rigid, straight lines for an all important interview to the free flowing loose fabrics whilst I stroll through a park or beach on a lovely summers day.
— Noreen
The peace I have in my ❤️ heart
— Raz
Keeping up with all those good deeds mentioned in the holy book of Quran.
— Arzo
It’s a peaceful religion and praying makes it even better.
— Alishba
I love the clothes and fashion we have in our lifestyles as Muslims. We all have our own unique way of standing out to everyone else and presenting modesty in many ways and I find that so beautiful. Everyone has their own way of wearing a hijab and modest clothes and that’s what makes us special in our little ways :)
— Mareena
Islam is a peaceful religion
— kulsum
I love how we are connected to nature from being told to ponder on the signs of Allah’s creations, how we offer the 5 daily prayers at specific times of the day which change with the seasons so we can focus and re balance ourselves; to how we are taught to travel the earth. Everything we do is connected to nature somehow.
— Naima
Its healthy for me spiritually, emotionally and physically!
— Taahirah
Teaching us to help vulnerable people. It is a special gift and a blessing.
— Rabia
What I love most is how I can now enjoy my life, beliefs and practices in the modern world whilst still being a Muslim. Modest clothing is becoming mainstream...bring it on and much more!
— Rizwana
Discipline, compassion, love and patience is what being a Muslim has thought me.
— Saima
I love the importance of marriage. Having a soul mate who you share everything with. Someone who has your back no matter what. And someone who treats me like a queen. Someone to pray salah with every day and wake each other up for Fajr (prayer).
— Lubna

What do you love about your Muslim life? Or what is True Islam to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.