The internet is loving Sadiq Khan's response to a journalist's question


This week London Mayor Sadiq Khan made history on a visit to the India Pakistan border in Wagah. Grabbing almost as many headlines however was his quippy response when asked "Does it feel like coming home?" Watch below.

Walking alongside the Mayor in Wagah, Pakistan, BBC journalist Karl Mercer asked Mr Khan if it felt like 'coming home' to which he immediately clarified "Home is South London mate."

His witty response has been met with a huge reaction and accolade on social media.

The journalist's question has the internet divided over what some perceive as the underlying thought or intention behind it.

@SaHreports said "Bloody hell. 'home'. Perfect example of the subtle 'go back to your own country' racism that the news outlets perpetuate."

Sadiq Khan this week made history when he made the journey from India to Pakistan across the Wagah border on foot. He is the first Western politician in a generation to do so. 


Exactly seven decades since the Partition, Wagah, which falls on the line drawn by the British between Amritsaw and Lahore to this day remains the only land crossing open between India and Pakistan.

The Lord Mayor who born in India and spent time in Pakistan before relocating to Tooting in South London. Following his now celebrated comment the Lord Mayor added "It's good to be in Pakistan, it's good to come from India home of my parents and grandparents. And obviously its an emotional connection for me, bearing in mind my connections to this great part of the world."

The land crossing at Wagah between India and Pakistan

The land crossing at Wagah between India and Pakistan